Thursday, 23 September 2010

Animated Encounters

I am super happy that Dinnersaurs has made it into Animated Encounters, the return of the animation strand of Bristol's Encounters Short Film Festival, this year. I had longed for it to get in here as I always go to the Festival (I live in Bristol) and it's terribly exciting to attend as a real delegate! It's in The South West showcase as well as the online category. Nicely a lot of good friends and fellow animators are in the same category so lots of lovely people to enjoy it with. (and to have artsy photos taken with this morning, like we're in a band)
It runs from Tuesday the 16th (Animated Encounters starts on the 17th) until Sunday the 21st of November.

Worky related I recently finished working on an advert for a show on D-Max for Arthur Cox (Dir. Matthew Walker) and I'm still working on short film Man In A Cat, directed by Louis Hudson (of Dice Productions) for Digital Shorts.

In between the important stuff I have bought myself a sewing machine, so I can make things. You know, for when the apocalypse comes, or I move to the country, grow my own veg and refuse to buy 'labels'. I also bought myself an SLR film camera. I have a regular point and shoot but get bored of the millions of photos I take just because I can, which then have to be filtered through for facebook and then forgotten about. So back to film so I can get excited about developing it to see what the photo of that kitten behind the bins looks like or the photo that Matt took of my laundry... and the photo of my feet that I don't remember taking. I haven't developed any yet so I have nothing to embellish this post with but I will soon.