Friday, 4 June 2010

Greening The Blue

Finally, saving the world with Wonky Films for the UN.

A series of short clips with tips on stopping the world from melting. We all worked on seperate clips,  mine was 'Bon Appetit" Designed by Maria Lee, directed by Miki Cash

Greening the Blue from Greeningtheblue on Vimeo.

The UN's 'Greening the Blue' website is actually pretty attractive so its nice to see them there too.

Credit Made Clearer

What I have mainly been working on over the last few months is several films for WONKY for Capital One's 'Credit Made Clearer' series. Designed by Maria Lee and directed by Miki Cash.
You think it would teach me a lot but I still think I know nothing about APR.
They are sort of interactive and can all be found on Capital One's website here top right) or on their Youtube channel here 

or start here:

Blind Date

I have been healthily busy the last few months but appeared to have nothing to show for it until this week when suddenly everything is being aired or distributed or whatever you call it.

First of which is Blind Date, a short film by the extremely talented Nigel Davies. It was finished a little while ago but I stumbled across it on last week. It's beautiful and traditional and I am super happy to have worked on it.