Friday, 4 June 2010

Greening The Blue

Finally, saving the world with Wonky Films for the UN.

A series of short clips with tips on stopping the world from melting. We all worked on seperate clips,  mine was 'Bon Appetit" Designed by Maria Lee, directed by Miki Cash

Greening the Blue from Greeningtheblue on Vimeo.

The UN's 'Greening the Blue' website is actually pretty attractive so its nice to see them there too.


  1. Joanna - I'm the consultant working with the UN on Greening the Blue (and also working with Enable, who designed and built the website and sourced the animation)

    Thank you so much for your work - and that of the rest of the team. We've had fabulous feedback on the website and the animation in particular. Congratulations.

    Imo Martineau

  2. Hi Imogen,
    Thank you that's great to hear! I have passed on the feedback to the others! It was a great project to work on.