Saturday, 12 March 2011

Some films for ESW and BBC

Several months ago I finished 2 short films with Calling The Shots for Equality Southwest, an organization that works throughout the South West to promote a whole spectrum of Equality in the workplace. They have been on Youtube for a while but it's never too late to see them! The first one is here:

and the second one is here:

I've also animated on some shorts for the BBC with Arthur Cox that can be seen here on their Webwise site, helping internet newbies with Social networking. Directed by George Sander Jackson and written by Matthew Walker. I'm currently busy with Wonky Films on some more shorts for Capital One which should be online soon and working on a secret project that I will share soon!

Dinnersaurs is back in Lucknow again this year for the International Children's film Festival, I would have gone but I couldn't get the number of Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. It's tough being a nobody.

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